Our Teams

Founded by Joseph M. Tobin, Esq. (1944-2014), Tobin & Marohn and its progeny have long been a leading Creditor's Rights law firm in the State of Connecticut.  

We believe the best way to fulfill our mission of providing high quality legal services to our clients is through the people we employ.  Tobin & Marohn team members receive extensive training, have their work-product reviewed and critically evaluated, and are held to the highest industry standards.  We attempt to set our expectations to the highest and most exacting standards,and we continually strive to exceed those benchmarks.            

Our Attorneys and Teams:
  • William L. Marohn, Esq. Managing Partner / Litigation Counsel
  • Scott Dellaventura, Esq., Chief Compliance Officer / Litigation Counsel
  • Gerald A. Feinberg, Esq. Litigation Counsel
  • Office Administration
  • Legal Support Team
  • Resolution Specialist Team