Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  I recently received a letter, how can I contact Tobin & Marohn?

A:  We offer numerous ways for you to reach us.  You can contact us by using the Contact Us page on our website.  You can call us at 203-777-6660.  You can fax us at 203-777-1817.  You can write us at Tobin & Marohn, 45 Court Street, New Haven, CT 06511.  Our experienced staff will work to assist you.

Q: Who should I contact?

A: If you have a letter or other paperwork from our office, you may speak with any of our resolution specialists and they will route your call to the proper party. 

Q:  How do I make a payment?

A:  We accept checks, money orders, cashier's check, and wire transfers.  Our firm is a known vendor to most banks located in Connecticut.  You can contact your bank and they may be able to set up an auto payment for your account.  You may feel free to Contact Us to discuss available payment options.

Q:  Can I make an offer to settle my account?

A:  Offers of settlement will be reviewed by our clients.  Our clients review settlement offers we present on a case by case basis.  If you would like to make an offer of settlement, please Contact Us.

Q:  Can I set up a periodic payment plan on my account?

A:  Many times our clients will authorize us to negotiate periodic payment plans on terms agreeable between the parties.  If you would like to propose a payment plan, please Contact Us.